my dog rolled around in poop.

today was about organizing, cleaning my house, hanging with the dog babies, and trying to feel all the way better. according to facebook's memories feauture, i feel guacala come every january. dreaded pinche allergies. 
i've been in hermit crab mode and it feels sooooo good. leaving the house just when i have to. it's a rarity for me!

so i'm laying down, doing work on my phone (no, really!) and i realize it's time for the babes to eat. i come to my studio where the door to the backyard is and bring the big baby, Pago (pronounced like pango with a very soft g), and yoshimoto. Pago is the gentle giant of our bunch. he legit reminds me of James Earl Jones, he's such an old soul and has a great, soft personality. then comes yoshimoto ... my original baby, the only dog in my life that i'm 100% responsible for, and the biggest necio of my life. he struts in and then i see it... he's covered in mud. NOT just on his paws, which is a annoying but normal thing, but all over his little chubby body. 

my dog rolled around in poop. 
his shower turned into OUR shower which turned into me stumbling down, landing on my booty wearing leggings and socks. 

a little breakdown in numbers: 

3 - the number of dogs in my household (i didn't tell you about the tiniest of our bunch, Chico, who's also the bully of the house) 
2 - naila and swucio, the other fur babies in my life that do not live with me, but i see on the regular. 
8 - the number of years yoshi has been my main dog bae
5 - the number of times i had to wash and rinse and rewash yoshi after poop adventure of 2016
2- the number of collars yoshi was wearing during poop-gate2k16 that I now have to wash because they smell like the worst thing ever
0 - the number of balls he has. 
the limit does not exist- the number of things yoshimoto has ruined in his short little life is beyond me. he once made himself a doggie door from my bedroom to the laundry room because apparently this nice, spacious area just isn't enough for him. shoes... he once ruined a beautiful pair of new leather boots. he thought them best as chew toys. he once had to be picked up early from the groomer's because they just couldn't deal. he once pooped in a kennel at the vet. he once chased a lady in an electric wheelchair down the street. he has MANY MANY times made me chase him slowly in my car, begging him to come in, in front of all my neighbors that i've known my entire life. 

he's all mine, and although my sister takes such great great great care of him, ultimately i'm his mom. mijo is a necio who likes to roll around in poop.