Tejas to Cali: words and thoughts vol. 1

So I have around 13 blog post drafts that I never completed... no se por que, I have like a fear of hitting publish for no reason at all. With the encouragement of mi amor and my best friends, I am documenting this trip! 
I am on my way to Los Angeles to participate in 3 amazing events this weekend + next Friday. I met Ana Guajardo of Cha Cha Nail Covers through her mom and sister, this trio of amazing and inspiring mujeres have each been instrumental in my growth as an artist and vendor. With her gentle nudge, I took her invitation to stay with her in California. 
 I had to make it count, so I worked endlessly for weeks to make as many cositas as I possibly could, with the help of comadres, sobrinas, y ganas I hit my nearly impossible goal. 
Off I went, boxes and boxes of precious cargo in tow, + me, myself, and I (hey, Bey). My love being ever poderosa and lovely, got me all packed up. It wasn't easy, my stuff is HEAVY!!

I left San Anto on Tuesday at noon, made it to El Paso and decided to stay there for the night.
I have never stayed in a hotel by myself, this trip has manifested many first. Like the chingona that I am, I managed to haggle a lower price for my room! 
Sleep was lovely. I rose early this morning and got myself on the road, stopping at What-a-Burger to get my last taste of Texas for a while, and off I went. I drove through the BEAUTIFUL and breath taking New Mexico. My eyes and heart still can't believe all the colors we saw.
Driving out of Texas is almost a beautiful punishment, it takes HELLA long, pero ayyyyy que pretty.  Going thru NM to AZ has been quite easy and has given me lots of time to explore Pheonix.  Best part so far? Through an Internet comadre, I found a great coffee shop and hostel.

Y here I am, sitting in front of a dorm, people watching. I just saw a girl come out of a restaurant and hand a homeless man a meal, I just saw two men holding hands walking past me giggling and kissing,  I just saw a college student wheeling herself in a wheelchair into said dorm. Life is beautiful, the moving parts, the still ones, the quiet between long stretches of nothingness. The revelations that come when least expected. 
I never thought I'd take a trip like this alone, sometimes it's hard being a chingona. Pero, I am trying, I am thriving, and I am so grateful. 
Tomorrow is another day <3. 

 Mujere al Border. Phoenix, AZ 2016&nbsp;

Mujere al Border. Phoenix, AZ 2016