solita cruises part 1. (south side san anto, i luv you)

third day in a row cruising my hood in my cute ass yellow bike. basket y todo, of course. today, i went right when i normally go left. I saw so many beautiful yards and gardens and altares to la virgencita.

south side backyard beauties 

2 señoras waived hello, one was on her cordless phone wearing a blue vata and bright neon-orange shoes w/ chanklas and the other was sweeping her sidewalk, like my tia olga used to do to her patio, and asked me how i was. like we've known each other for years. pero she's just on the next street from me so it's like we have. 

yesterday i took two rides, one in the morning solita. i rode over to the park a few blocks away, and circled the walk path four times. there were two other people there- one man that had on one of those garbage bag type shirts, he didn't look at me in the eye or say hello. he was on his phone the whole time. & la otra, a lady who i think is just a generation up from me, wearing gray sweat pants and a maroon hoodie, listening to music and smiling every time we passed each other. it makes me think this man is new to this hood, because really- we all smile and wave like we're long time compas. 
the second ride i had a compañera in tow, La Poeta, who complained as she tends to do, pero then i heard giggles and saw smiles. we rode over to walmart (i know, i know) because i needed a sealant to help finish some journals. i feel guilty every time i go there. it's literally an easy bike ride away. a new walmart that serves my hood and has a pretty descent organic section. it sucks that it's there. it sucks that sometimes i go to it. pero i did feel a little less guilty riding my bike over. carbon footprint is a little less patona? 


my goal is to ride my yellow bici twice a day when i can. and not feel so guilty when i don't. it's been a really lovely way to start my days, and no matter what-- riding a bike takes you back to when you were little and didn't have bills <3. 

also... the other day, my boo and i cruised to the park with my big bluetooth speaker in my basket and played selena so loud that everyone looked and smiled. that's magic. anything for selenas, after all. 

rep your set #verythat