The Comeback

I ran into a friend last night, literally-- ran into her! I was at La Botanica dropping off an order to a comadre, and she text saying she couldn't make it after all. I turned around, exhausted from working all day, which was pretty major considering La B was celebrating Lemonade's one year anni. I stopped dead in my tracks, and recognized the face that seemed equally surprised. We screamed... A lot. We hugged and and laughed and then screamed again. It has been around 5 years since I've seen her. We worked together at my last job, the job I left to be Very That full time. When she last saw me, my mama still had breast cancer- I was unhappy and pretty mean if we weren't close. It was all a cover up to how painfully dissatisfied with life I was. So we quickly caught up, in between all the hugging and laughing, and I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to tell my story now. I'm no longer unhappy, unchallenged, and complacent. I told her about Very That, my tiendita that went up and down, Mujeres Mercado, the crazy business relationship that made me question every single thing... and my comeback-- the beautiful rise of my confidence. I told her I found love, that I've traveled a bit, that my little creations have been shipped to places all over the world. Hearing the story come out of my own mouth was incredible. I feel so lucky to tell it, and I feel so ready to add more to it.