Product launch.

Order material
Test and test and test
Practice a lot
Make a bunch of mistakes, expensive ones, even heartbreaking ones
Stay up v late in the process
Ooh, it's getting there
Oh snap, I think I got it
Decide on the first few
Figure out the shipping part
Boxes and bubble wrap
It's gotta be cute
An amazing display for shows
It's gotta be cute cute
Ready to share
Take all the fotos
Create a cute background
Different angles, good lighting
Write a great description, be precise with size and how it will be shipped
Decide on a price point
It has to be profitable but you will never overcharge
Create the listings
Check and recheck
Deep breath
release this new thing into the world, hoping it will be well received
Thanking the machines that make it possible
Thanking the ancestors for the ganas
Thanking your mami and abuelas for the inspiration
Thanking the friends that helped encouraged you through the rough bits
Thanking yourself for taking chances